Fixed Wireless Internet Installation

Standard Installation Tasks:

a) a site survey is performed to verify connection to an access points;

b) a wireless ethernet bridge antenna is mounted to the exterior of your structure (siding, eave, or existing TV antenna mast);

c) a single CAT5 ethernet cable runs from the antenna, gets attached to structure, and passes through a wall or floor to enter the structure to deliver service connection;

d) the CAT5 ethernet cable is connected to a power supply plugged into a working power outlet near where the cable enters the structure. 


Installation fee includes:

Mounting of wireless internet radio  to home/structure/tree.(Crawling in attic or crawlspace, or climbing trees or structures can be extra.)

• 50ft of CAT5E cable. (More than 50ft of cable: $0.50/ft direct burial armored cable; $0.25/ft UV-resistant shielded outdoor cable (standard); $0.12/ft for standard indoor cable.)

• Configure outdoor unit.

• Verify internet connectivity to customer device(s).


Power Considerations:

A grounded AC power outlet and surge protection are necessary for network equipment longevity, especially for home wireless routers.

If you experience frequent and/or lengthy power outages:

a) you will need a grounded, protected surge protection device (power strip)

b) you might want to consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your home network.

c) a deep cycle marine battery and 120 VAC inverter can run your connection temporarily (a few days).

d) an off grid 24 volt battery/solar system can directly power your connection



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Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

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