Frequently Asked Questions

How can I adjust my data streaming services on my devices?

In this downloadable handout can help guide you to adjust data streaming services

such as NetFlix, HULU, and Amazon Prime video. Also included are starting points to manage

your WiFi router and mobile device backup settings .


How does your service work

Tsunami-Wireless internet service is fixed, not mobile, which means your antenna is mounted in one place and it stays put.  For this reason, we are able to provide faster more reliable connections to the internet.

To learn more about fixed wireless technology go here.


How does your billing work?

Tsunami-Wireless uses on online billing server where you can login to view your account and make payments anytime. Payments can be made with cash or check at time of installation, but monthly recurring payments are configured securely through our billing server and accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or E-Check. Manual payments are negotiated on an individual case basis, and commonly will require quarterly payments (every 3 months) to offset accounting labor.

Tsunami-Wireless charges for volume of service provided, base usage is 50Gb per month for residential, 100 Gb per month for business. When you surpass the monthly internet traffic on a residential account (download & upload combined), you purchase bandwidth at rate of $1 per 1 Gb. Your service is never interrupted or throttled (slowed), these charges are applied automatically at the end of the month.

Need Wireless Router Support?

• Go to the manufacturer links listed below for the wireless device you need to troubleshoot:

    AsusBelkin  • Buffalo  • CiscoD-LinkNetgear


If you have further questions please contact us here!


e-mail:  info AT

Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

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